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I was just like you...

I was on summer break from my second year of college, I did well in my classes but I was uninspired and still without a major, any energy or direction for my life. My mother excitingly called me over to the television; She was watching a ballroom dance competition. I said "Mom, I could do that." She said "You should be a ballroom dancer!"

Although I only had the support of my parents, most people vigorously advised against this career path. But all I knew was that I had to dance! I wanted to learn what it took to be a professional; which meant learning how to be a dance teacher!

When I started training to be a ballroom dance professional, my whole life changed! I was so excited to be working at the studio every day! What's more, I started competing, performing and traveling the world. The time has absolutely flown by and I had great mentors and teachers along the way.

This is my reason and heart behind helping you! I want to give you the great advice that I got along the way while helping you avoid pitfalls. So many people helped me realize my goals and I want to help you reach your dancing dreams!


I have been a full-time Ballroom Dancing teacher, competitor and performer for over 25 years.   I started my career competing professionally in the American Rhythm category. Then going on to focus on competing in the Pro-Am category.  I was the teacher of Dancesport's Top Male Bronze Student of the Year in 2002, and The Top Male Newcomer in 2005 at the prestigious Ohio Star Ball, televised as "America's Ballroom Challenge."

In 2009 I coached Jake Pavelka of television's "The Bachelor" prior to his filming of the show. His interest in dancing was recognized and consequently an invitation to the highly coveted "Dancing With The Stars" show was granted to him. I enjoyed a front row seat at the show during Season 10 when Jake invited me as his special guest!

Once upon a time...

Here is my story...

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I'm comfortable teaching beginner to advanced dancers of any age. In recent years, I have a wonderful following of couples that want to add a wonderful spark to their marriage by including the hobby of partnership dancing. December 31st 2011 I helped a couple realize a bucket list dream of traveling to Vienna, Austria and attending The Imperial Ball. I have a great passion for helping couples connect through dancing and making dance dreams come true. In fact in 2017 I helped 90 different wedding couples make their First Dance dreams come true too!!

I continue to enjoy many performance opportunities such as a tango presentation representing Centro Argentino on Univision. During my many years of performing and teaching, I've had often been approached by other dance professionals for consulting and training. This is what has inspired Dance Teachers Academy!!

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